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Where To Find The Best Gelato in Italy – 4 Destinations You Can’t Miss

Italy, one of the most beautiful countries with jaw-dropping sights in Europe, is home to the world’s best ice-cream haven. Il Gelato, the crème de la crème of all desserts, is one thing you can’t miss while in Italy. As a matter of fact, you can’t fully experience this country without having a taste of the world’s most flavorful ice-cream.

Walking the streets of Italy, you will notice a plethora of gelaterias serving fresh and home-made gelato. But don’t get misled, even though Italy is renowned for its heavenly dessert, not everywhere is the best.

Follow along as we walk you through the best gelato in Italy that will leave your taste buds craving more.



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When traveling to Italy in hopes of finding the best gelato in the world, Florence is definitely the place to go. If you’re on a mission to taste all the ice-cream in the city then make sure you start with Gelateria dei Neri located at Via dei Neri 9/11. On TripAdvisor, this gelateria ranks #11 of 2703 restaurants in Florence. You will find a wide variety of flavors, some of the most sought-after being the pistachio, salted caramel or ricotta with fig flavors.



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If you think Venice is home only to byzantine art and canals walkway, you have no idea how wrong you are. Besides the already mentioned, Venice is also home to some of the most mouthwatering ice-cream in entire Italy. Pay a visit to Suso, the place where dreams taste like cream and chocolate. You can find Suso at Calle della Bissa 5453 right in the very heart of Venice.



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If you have plans of traveling to the second most visited city in Italy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the huge amount of cafes serving fresh and hand-made ice-cream in Milan. But to experience the best gelato in Milan you have to visit La Gelateria della Musica, where taste meets music thus giving birth to the concept of divine pleasure. Milan’s best ice-cream parlor is located at Via Pestalozzi 4 and via Abamonti 2.



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If your little vacation is limited to a weekend in the capital of Italy, Rome, you will also find a place or two to have a taste of perfection. It’s rather difficult to track the best parlors because they’re mostly visited by locals. If you want a wide selection of aromatic flavors then Giolitti is the place to go. Located at Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40, this gelateria is one of Rome’s oldest ice-cream parlors you simply can’t miss.


In case that you are on the lookout for the best gelato in Italy, you will simply have to pay a visit to each one of these heavenly destinations and do the “taste test”.  One thing is sure though, there is no place better than the heart of Italy to indulge in sweet heavenly delights, especially the world famous gelato.

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