Trip Preparations: Nothing Easier You’d Say?!

Summer is knocking on my door, and I can’t wait to open the season with another trip to a place I’ve loved from the very first moment I got there. I’m not going to reveal the destination as it will spoil the surprise. It will be my second encounter with the country, and my stay is going to last not hours, but days. So I hope to make it a memorable experience!

My affair with traveling has begun not long ago, but my zeal to see the world and collect experiences had me peruse tens and hundreds of blog posts and webpages in hopes of getting my daily dose of inspiration.

With each new country I visit, I get stronger, as a human being both mentally and physically. It is my vitamin intake that helps me cope with life’s stressors.

The excitement is always bigger than the mess and the hassle that come with the trip preparations. In the end, you forget about the hours and days spent browsing the web in search of the best flight deals and accommodation options that would squeeze in your budget. But no one “canceled” the headache of the initial trip preparations preparations. Knowing how to work it out in advance, I presume, would save many of the pains and nuisances related to it.

So here I go about my own experience and things I’ve learned so far –


1. Plan it out ahead of time

There’s something special about spontaneous trips, but these trips usually result in unexpected expenses. The way I planned this trip couldn’t be more spontaneous. I knew I wanted to go somewhere so I bought the tickets to a place I could see myself living in. It didn’t take much time until I realized that accommodation was 3 times more expensive than the tickets, and I didn’t have the sum needed in my bank account cause I didn’t plan the trip in the first place. If it hadn’t been for the people I knew that lived there and their kind assistance, I would’ve ended up wasting the tickets, I believe, or tried to get a refund. Seldom will you experience such luck, and there’s nothing else you can call it, but luck!

2. Save money first

If you’re as zealous as I am, and you’re already on the lookout for new destinations without checking your bank account first, then this is not really a reasonable thing to do. No matter how bad you might want to indulge in a new culture and savour its beautiful sights, if you don’t have enough money then you will end up booking flights left and right towards different destinations without money left for actual expenses during the trip. Of course you can starve a few days, sleep on the grass or wherever is acceptable, so long that makes you happy. But nobody canceled the desire to savour a scrumptious dish at a fancy local restaurant or gain access to main tourist attractions, museums or galleries.

3. Learn to trust people

About this one I won’t go in too many details. Everyone has their own way of interpreting it. But I strongly believe that if you take the risk of going to another country (a new country that is not Home to you, which you don’t know how it will treat you), you need to learn to trust people.
The adventure of travel, I believe, is already one step forward in learning to trust people. But going to a different country unprepared, not willing or planning to interact with the locals, is a huge mistake. And it may not always end up a positive experience!

As for now, this is what has stuck with me. But I plan on expanding the list cause “what we learn with pleasure we never forget” said Alfred Mercier.

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