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Travel Anxiety: How to Prepare for a Long flight

Most people see a dream and very few are able to give it a shape. Travelling is one such dream people long to fulfil. The very thought of travelling gives goose bumps to many and there are many of them who have had to let go of their dreams of travelling just because of this little monster called travel anxiety.

As they say, the best way to overcome any fear is to face it, the same goes for travel anxiety. The more anxious you feel the more should you travel, take baby steps towards overcoming anxiety and you are sorted.

Many people tend to get really worked up before flights and start looking out for ways to avoid it. As per the latest reports, there are more than 95.000 commercial flights operating in the world, and yet you hardly hear about any crashes or accidents happening.  If we look at the road network, the same number is much higher. This makes flights almost 100% safer.

About 19% percent of the people have a fear of flying and suffer from travel anxiety. So if you are among the ones who get nervous just before a flight, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are some of the best known tips and tricks that work wonders in overcoming these fears:


  1. Don’t Run Away From It, Embrace It

Anything worth fighting for does not come easy. The best way to overcome your anxiety is to accept you are suffering from it and do not run away from it.


  1. Prepare Yourself Well in Advance

Most of the time, a fear evolves when we are not prepared and have a feeling of losing control. Always research about the place you are travelling to well in advance. More on how to start your travel preparations.


  1. Take Care of Yourself Before Others

Before considering others, take care of your own needs. Sit and relax, and have a well-balanced meal. This will surely aid you in releasing that anxiety stress and you will be more energetic.


  1. Find Your Calm in the Chaos

Just like a small child, anxiety can also be distracted. You just need to spend a few minutes and find out what distracts you the best. Find it and just go ahead with it, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed.


  1. Follow the Evergreen Breathing Technique

That age old yoga technique can never fail you here. The moment you start feeling anxious, start taking long breaths and exhale everything out with a long bout of air.


  1. Jot Down the Triggers

We all know what makes us anxious and what calms us down. Just before an important vacation, list down things which trigger your anxiety and keep away from them. You don’t want to get involved in things which will make it worse for you.


Just follow the above tricks and you will surely end up with beautiful travel memories.



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