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How to make the most of quarantine and get yourself out of a funk

how to make the most of quarantine

We find ourselves in unprecedented times when we all must act as one and practice social distancing to protect ourselves from the wrath of this global outbreak. Whilst the imposed social seclusion or quarantine is a negative but mandatory response to the pandemic, it could also be used as an incentive to introspect and contemplate our journey through life.

Think of it as of being given the chance to push the reset button and launch your new life. When everything else is on hold, there are no more excuses to put off the things you could never find the time for. Whether it is taking care of your mental health, starting a new online course or finishing that book you’ve had by your bedside table weeks on end, now is the time to plant the seeds for future growth. And here’s how you can make the most of quarantine today.

What’s in your head?

According to a study conducted by a Michigan State University psychologist, there’s biological evidence of the existence of 2 types of people in the world – those that stay positive during tough times and those that experience an abundance of negative emotions. It was therefore proved that the ability to either stay positive or negative is hardwired in the brain.

If you feel like lately the news has been making you feel both anxious and sad, you’re probably one of those 66% people more susceptible to news fatigue. A good cure for you would be to disconnect from any media channels, log off and do a digital detox.

Meditate. Enjoy hearty conversations with your loved ones. Start writing your own memoir. Do whatever makes you feel good and elevates your spirits. You’ll be out of that funk in no time.

how to make the most of quarantine

What’s in your house?

Time spent in quarantine might feel like prison to some. And as a way to fight this “imposed injustice” the brain might activate some of the old bad habit patterns. You don’t want them to stick around for too long. If it’s past your bedtime and your dirty dishes are still in the sink from the early morning breakfast, then it’s a clear sign not only your brain needs a detox but your house too.

Think of it this way – now could be the right timing to organize your living space the way you’ve always wanted, and maybe even have a go at the famous KonMari Method. Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the famous Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo and its “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. I bet you’ve always been wondering what’s so special about it anyway, so now’s a good time to put it to a test.

Start with your kitchen, if it is the messiest (and it probably is the place you’re spending most of your time these days adding those extra calories). Do the dishes, throw away all the things that no longer “spark joy”, organize your closet and drawers, paint your walls in a different colour if that’s what you’ve always wanted but been putting off for months or ages. The quarantine will sooner or later be over and you’ll be feeling proud of yourself and ready to launch your new, better self to the world.

how to make the most of quarantine

What’s on your personal development list?

By no means does quarantine mean putting your self-development on hold, just because everything else seems to be on lockdown. It’s quite the opposite. Think of it this way. Months on end you’ve been putting off things you’re passionate about and things you’ve always wanted to do and learn simply because of lack of time. You always do what has to be done, and that takes much of your day. And let’s be honest, the things that have to be done are not necessarily what brings the most joy to us.

So use this time to your advantage and engage in activities you’ve always wanted to but never could find the time for. Now’s the perfect opportunity to finally start reading those books you’ve kept piled up on your working desk, or brush up your skills with that online course that now comes at a 20% discount due to the special times we’re now living in (thanks, corona!). Learn a new language, even a month is enough to learn to read and hold basic conversations in a new language (unless it’s a language with a totally different root and structure).

Your attitude is what determines your altitude. Social distancing and the imposed quarantine can either be seen as a challenge or an opportunity to grow. Your choice.



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