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Fun ways to maintain your social life during quarantine

social life during quarantine

Self-isolation can be tough. You can see no one, and talk to no one unless it’s the delivery guy, which by now has most likely become the highlight of your week. Being forced to minimize your contact with others can take a toll on your mental health if you don’t manage to find some good balance. Personally I could write a diary about my days in quarantine. I’ve always considered myself to be an introvert. I would always need some alone time to replenish my energy. Having the chance to spend time on our own is priceless especially during the busy times we experienced up until now, but how much can one resist without socializing?!

We need to socialize to keep a healthy balance in life. Although it seems hard to maintain a social life during quarantine, there actually are ways to hack the system and keep a healthy social life without violating the rules of social distancing.

Zoom theme parties with colleagues from work

Technology has gone a long way allowing you to connect face-to-face with people wherever they are in the world today. You can enjoy video calls with a small group of people at no cost at all. I’ve been using Zoom, the video conferencing platform, at work before. But recently, I’ve heard about these Zoom theme parties during quarantine you can throw with your colleagues or friends. We’ve already had our first session of Zoom wine party with colleagues from work. But apparently, you can add some more fun to it and enjoy zoom dance parties with friends.  You schedule a date when everybody can attend, agree on a playlist to set up the mood, and use the link to join the meeting room at the agreed time to start your own dance party. It is fun, who cares what people will say!

Family group chats

The most difficult part of social distancing is staying away from your loved ones. No more big family dinners unless you all live under the same roof. Family group chats are more and more common today. You can easily stay connected 24/7 through chatting apps like Whatsapp (my favorite) where you can share funny memes, family pictures, interesting stories, and have real-time video calls. Does it feel like missing your family lately? Pick up the phone and give them a group call.

how to maintain social life during quarantine

Swap from text to voice messages

In the days of reduced human-to-human connection, voice messaging can make you feel more connected to your family or friends. The explanation behind that is simple. Text messages do not have the same capability to express emotions as audio messages. Audio texts simply give “a much better sense of emotive connection than texts”. At the same time, audio texts can spread positivity faster. A burst of laughter or a funny joke in an audio message has more chances of elevating your mood than a funny emoji.

Play online games with friends

The gaming industry has recently launched the #PlayApartTogether campaign in the fight against the pandemic. And since the beginning of quarantine, online gaming has seen a boom in users. Despite online gaming being generally labelled by WHO as a disorder, during the whole duration of isolation, it could actually be a good way to socialize. Online games are a fun way to spend your free time during social distancing.  You can maintain your social life during quarantine by playing online games simultaneously with friends.

We live in the age of great technological advancements. And we can use it to our benefit to minimize the effects of this downturn in our social life by taking our social life online.

How to make the most of quarantine and get out of a funk?


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