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Europe’s Top 4 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets

Around Christmas time, some European countries become a top destination to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. Being home to the world-renowned Christmas markets, some of them dating back to the Late Middle Ages, these destinations enjoy huge flows of tourists during the winter holiday season.

A joyful mood, hearty Christmas carols, twinkling lights and stalls stocked with holiday gifts, handmade crafts and figurines of elves, fairies and pixies – what’s there not to love about this time of the year, right!?

Celebrate Christmas with us with a last minute break into the heart of Europe’s most enchanting Christmas markets.


Prague, Czech Republic

Open: Dec 2nd, 2017- Jan, 6th 2018


During winter holiday season, the capital of Czech Republic turns into “a winter wonderland” with festive decorations and small Christmas markets all over the city. You will be pleasantly surprised with the plethora of options available – halls with holiday gifts where you can do some shopping, food courts for you to have a taste of traditional dishes such as “Trdelnik”, one of the most common traditional pastries. Go to the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square to have a taste of Prague’s best Christmas markets.


Munich, Germany

Open: Nov 25th, 2017 – Dec 24th, 2017


The Christmas market in Munich is one of the most interesting sights and diverse experiences you may have. The regular festivity in the Bavarian capital is held around Marienplatz, but you can also go to Wittelsbacherplatz for the ultimate medieval experience. During the holiday season, you can also enjoy a few culinary delights served on the streets. Glühwein is a traditional beverage made of red wine and mulled spices, and it is a must for you to try.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Open: Nov 18th, 2017 – Dec 31st, 2017


This list of Europe’s best Christmas markets could not be complete without at least one Scandinavian experience. Denmark has a lot to offer during the festive season. Starting with the Tivoli Gardens where all the Christmas magic happens and ending with Nyhavn market, there are definitely some great-free spirited bazaars to enjoy while in Copenhagen. Make sure you try risengrød, or hot rice pudding, a traditional Danish Christmas dessert.


Strasbourg, France

Open: Nov 27th, 2017 – Dec 31st, 2017


Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful cities in France widely known for its medieval architecture and its gothic cathedral Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, also happens to host one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe that dates back to 1570. But the distinctions do not end here! Strasbourg’s main Christmas market, Christkindelsmärik, is also considered to be the largest market in Europe with over 300 stalls each year being twice listed as “Best Christmas Market in Europe” by European Best Destinations.

From Prague to Denmark, these are the most sought-after Christmas markets in the world where you can find a wide variety of holiday gifts, handmade crafts, traditional hearty comfort foods and mulled drinks – a delight to all your 5 senses.



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