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Barcelona – my sense of Fernweh

I love the German word Fernweh. I’ve always found it to be very romantic, delicate, beautiful, perhaps even magical. But there’s always been something more to it than just a mellifluous, sweet-sounding word. And only now have I managed to figure out the reason.

It’s interesting how similar it feels saying goodbye to a person you care for dearly, who is no longer a part of your life, and having to say goodbye and leave a place you’ve totally fallen in love with. There’s no drama, I swear! But it is, to a certain degree, a similar feeling of brokenness, except for the heartache you feel when being away from somebody you care for holds on for dear life and never goes away whilst the heartache caused by the departure from the newest favourite place in the world disappears with a newly booked flight.

With a smile on my face, that’s one frivolous girl, I must say! 😀

It’s also interesting just how much I miss home when I’m somewhere in the world enjoying my first sip of early morning latte, having a delightful breakfast on a balcony under the warming rays of the Mediterranean sun, or enjoying the breeze gently caressing my face while taking a walk along the water’s edge. One may think, that’s somebody’s dream of a lifetime.

In my case, it makes me think of home. And this happens each and every time I go somewhere new. They call it farsickness, when you long for places unseen, and homesickness, when you miss home and want to go back. It’s normal to experience one or another at a certain time in life. But how common is it to experience both states of mind at the same time?!

These are the thoughts and revelations that accompanied me throughout my entire trip to Barcelona. I must admit, it undeniably is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. period.
It has everything one may ever need – the beach, the food, the attractions, entertainment, the zen places to rest and de-stress, everything, literally at your doorstep.

This is how Barcelona welcomed me and treated me all throughout my trip. It gave me everything I needed. Leaving aside the business aspect of it, this trip has marked me. I learned a lot about myself, explored my limits, and conquered some of my fears.

I’ll explore in more detail the beauty of Barcelona in the following blog post. As for now, I still feel like I need time to temper my impressions.



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