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A stroll through the town of Spilimbergo

I firmly believe that we need to give our brains a break from time to time. And what can be a better way to do that if not by taking a stroll through the city streets, get connected with nature and the surroundings and disconnected from your daily worries and concerns.

I honestly think that this has the same power as a meditation on an early Saturday morning. It’s sort of a ritual that leaves you in a state of complete relaxation, not to mention the numerous benefits for your health. You get your daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air inside your lungs. You move, and therefore improve blood circulation throughout the body. And the list can go on! .. so I strongly recommend to go out and take a stroll through your city. If you live in a big city, consider getting out of it for a walk, a jog or even meditation, so long that you escape the city hustle!

My exploration of the town of Spilimbergo has not ended yet. Even though already back in my home country, there are reasons why I will go back to Spilimbergo every so often, and thus continue this adventure and keep exploring the beauty of it and the lifestyle of the people that live there.

Spilimbergo is a very safe town, safe to walk in the comfort of your own presence no matter where you go. Even if you get lost on one of the numerous narrow streets and end up surrounded by gardens and no roadway whatsoever, you will still be safe, you’ll find your way out eventually.

So I put my headphones on and embarked on this early Saturday morning stroll through the town.

Oh, how I envy the Italians and the respect they have for themselves. I wish I were more like them! Me early in the morning thinking whether or not I should allow myself to go out for a walk when there’s a full inbox of emails I will have to attend upon my return from the holidays. Well, such thoughts don’t cross their minds, apparently!

It’s a normal thing to witness Italians enjoying their early morning coffee in a cafe. They like reading newspapers, or having a quick chat instead. Work is work, but self-care comes first!


It’s a pity I didn’t manage to take a photo of the lovely group of older women enjoying their cappuccino, smiling and laughing away as in “life is wonderful!”. I think this would be the ideal reflection of the Italian culture, but it’s my personal opinion.

Moldovans are hardworkers carrying too much weight on their shoulders because life is generally tough in the country. Economic hardships, bad governance, the everyday struggle of the people to stay afloat and feed their families – it all has an impact on the mindset of people living here. We don’t know what it is to enjoy time away from the everyday issues! It was never an option for us.

But Italians somehow know when to say stop and focus on their welbeing and emotional health instead.

Back to my Spilimbergo tour, the tranquility of the town is amazing! I headed for the best gelato, savoured 2 scoops of the cafe mousse without any regrets of all the calories ingested, and continued my journey.

I won’t say more, just leave here the photos I took during my Spilimbergo tour, a reminder of the day that made a 360 degree turn in my thoughts!


Here’s more from my previous trip to Spilimbergo.



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