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4 Things You Need to Know When Traveling to Malta island in June

Malta, an island bathed in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, is a place that will awaken all your senses. It is a perfect summer getaway and the best investment in your well-being and happiness. The world we’re living in has endless wonders, many of them you’ll discover on Malta island. It’s a place I’ve fallen in love with and cannot wait to go back to!

However as with any travel experience, in order to make it a pleasurable trip, you need to learn more about the place you’re planning to go to. Below is the list of things I’ve learned from my own experience!

1. Take precautionary measures seriously!

The sun can get pretty tough during the day hours. If you travel in June, you can expect up to 40 degrees Celsius during the day. Whatever is written about safety tips when travelling to Malta is absolutely true! You need to protect your skin and apply sunscreen. I was lucky enough to have thrown into the luggage at a last-minute a sunscreen body lotion with SPF 50 that I had used once or twice at the pool that year. Besides sunscreen, you need to wear sun-protective clothing, or at least a hat to protect your head from the wrath of the almighty sun.


2. Bottled water is expensive.

Given the high temperatures you’ll be exposed to throughout your entire trip to Malta, you’ll need a lot of water to stay hydrated. Keeping your body and skin hydrated is paramount if you want to stay healthy and truly enjoy your trip. Malta is a walkers paradise, and if you’re a travel enthusiast, you’ll spend most of your time exploring the cliff pathways, hidden wonders of Gozo and caves you can swim through. One thing I can promise you, you’ll be sweating a lot at least while waiting at the bus stop (some buses in Malta circulate each 20 to 40 minutes), and that means staying 20 to 40 minutes in the burning sun.

Because in such a place freshwater is an essential resource, you’ll find bottled water to be rather expensive. If you’re on a budget, a pack of bottled water is a more reasonable option, cause you’ll be drinking a lot. You’ll run out of drinking water sooner than you might think.


3. Air cooling system available inside public transport

In order to beat the summer heat, local authorities have come up with a good solution. There’s an air cooling system set up throughout all public transport network available on Malta. The difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is big though. If it gets pretty hot in the sun, in the bus it can get pretty cold. Of course, it helps deal with the high temperatures during the summer season but some people might find the temperature in the bus to be too low for their liking. That’s why you want to carry a piece of clothing with you to put it on when it gets too cold while riding the bus.

4. Azure Window is gone forever

One of Malta’s most famous landmarks, the Azure Window arch, has collapsed just last year after a heavy storm hit the island. Even so, hundreds and hundreds of tourists travel to Malta’s sister island Gozo in hopes of witnessing the beauty of nature in its purest form. However, the long-gone Azure Window is still graced in countless travel brochures and postcards which can lead unaware travellers to confusion.

Though Malta is a small archipelago, it is a tourist haven. Once there, you will immerse yourself in the surreal realm of untouched nature with sun-kissed beaches and spectacular views while walking along clifftop paths. A place like no other, you’ll find it hard to forget!

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